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Guy Mor – Regulatory Policy Expert

I work in the public sector to promote effective and efficient policies. As part of my job, I deal with the formulation of regulation, streamlining processes, and digitization. For this purpose I manage teams and complex projects.

Expert in regulatory policy and risk management holds a bachelor's and master's degree in law from Tel Aviv University. I have authored the Government Guide to Risk Management in Regulation and Public Policy. I deliver training and workshops to government decision-makers. I have lectured at professional conferences in Israel and abroad. In addition, I develop policy and decision-making tools for managers in the public sector.

I am here to help you understand public policy, learn how to establish smart regulation, and streamline processes to provide the public with a simple and accessible service.

I started my journey with worlds of regulation back when I was a law student. During my studies, I engaged in volunteer activities and was fascinated by the world of public policy – which consists of exciting problems and affects the lives of real people.

I then joined a consulting firm in the field of consumer journey management. I focused on analyzing and improving processes so that the experience of the service recipient would be as pleasant and easy as possible.

When I worked as a lawyer I discovered that companies and individuals repeatedly come across something called "regulation". I have noticed that I enjoy dealing with these rules and finding a solution to complex problems that the regulation has created. When I helped people deal with regulation they were surprised that solutions could be found in front of the regulatory system.

So I decided to focus on regulation and after a few years, I crossed the lines and moved to the public sector. My first project was to set up a regulatory policy unit and lead reforms to improve regulation and save costs for the public. At the same time, I began to accompany decision-makers in formulating policy and changing existing regulations.

Within a year I fell in love with this world and began to learn and delve deeper into it. I researched the relationship between regulation and risk management and wrote the Guide to Risk Management in Regulation and Public Policy.
At the same time, I began receiving invitations to deliver lectures and training to senior government decision-makers. In recent years the importance of the field has increased and I have been invited to lecture at professional conferences in Israel and abroad. I also taught the course "Policy Analysis" as part of the master's program in public policy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

As part of my work in government, I occasionally identify cross-cutting issues that challenge decision-makers and policymakers across the government. So I develop policy tools and practical decision-making tools that will help them as well.

But I have noticed that the public has hardly heard of this field, which to me is both important and fascinating. So I started making the field accessible to the general public: I'm running a professional blog and podcast with stories and insights about regulatory policy. Anyone who wants to understand in depth the world of policy can invite me to a professional workshop.

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