List of publications \ Guy Mor

Central government publications (partial list)

  1. "New Regulation Review Report (RIA) – Policy of adopting international standardization in the regulations of the Israel Fire and Rescue Authority" (2021) with Nili Martinez []
  2. "Gaps and fundamental problems in the regulatory system in Israel: towards a smart regulatory policy" (2021). [Hebrew] []
    Written at the request of the inter-ministerial committee that drafted the Principles of Regulation Law.
  3. "Guide to risk management in regulation and public policy" Prime Minister's Office (2018). [Hebre] []
  4. "New Regulation Review Report (RIA) – Marking edible eggs for the purpose of dealing with egg smuggling" (2016). [Hebrew] []
    This is the first RIA report that was written in Israel.


  1. "Parliamentary Arbitrage and The Case for Regulatory Policy in Parliament", The Theory and Practice of Legislation (2020) (with Alon Jasper). []
  2. "Exercise in flexibility: regulation in crisis situations" The Shiloh (special issue following the Coronavirus pandemic); With Jonathan Givati (2020) [Hebre] []
  3. "Has the Civil Code adopted the correct test for frustration of contract? – A theoretical and doctrinal analysis" Ha Mishpat 17(2), 515 (2013). [Hebrew] []
  4. "The great eagle in the capital market – Unjust enrichment laws as a tool to enforce economic violations" Taagidim 10(3), 273 (2013). [Hebrew] []

Policy Papers

  1. "The Building Blocks of Regulation: How to Build an Effective Policy" (2021) with Chen Nakav. [Hebrew] []
  2. "Unrules – Arrangements for determining the limits of regulation" (2021) with Gal Winrebe. [Hebrew] []
  3. "An invitation to reform – adjustments and easing of regulation during the Coronavirus crisis period" (2020) with Avihai Kahana. [Hebew] []
  4. " 'Comply or explain' – an advanced regulation mechanism to shape behavior" (2020) with Gal Winrebe. [Hebrew] []
  5. "Introduction to regulatory tools and policy tools" (2019). [Hebrew] []
  6. "Using sunset clauses to manage regulation" (2019) with Amir Zelait, Milka Margalit-Weisman and Yael Kolodani. [Hebrew] []
  7. "Experimental regulation: tools to improve the quality of regulation through limited applicability" (2019) with Anat Grimland. [Hebrew] []
  8. "Assisting regulators to carry out significant reforms through the regulatory guillotine™ mechanism" (2018) with Yotam Afalalo. [Hebrew] []
  9. "Negative license: a regulatory enforcement tool as an alternative to traditional licenses" (2018) with Amir Zalait and Tom Nadil. [Hebrew] []
  10. "The precautionary principle – a critical analysis" (2018). [Hebrew] []
  11. "Silence is consent: a default mechanism to reduce regulatory costs" (2018) with Yotam Aflalo. [Hebrew] []

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